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Early objects contain Egyptian cotton, which may indicate that Egyptian and Mediterranean trade provided a conduit for the technique.Quilted objects were relatively rare in Europe until approximately the twelfth century, when quilted bedding and other items appeared after the return of the Crusaders from the Middle East.The medieval quilted gambeson, aketon and arming doublet were garments worn under or instead of armor of maille or plate armor.These developed into the later quilted doublet worn as part of fashionable European male clothing from the fourteenth to seventeenth century.Quilted garments known as gambesons were popular in the European Middle Ages, worn both as a complete armour and underneath mail and plate in order to cushion the body and prevent chafing.The earliest known surviving European bed quilt is from late fourteenth century Sicily. The blocks across the center are scenes from the legend of Tristan.Quilting is done to create bed spreads, art quilt wall hangings, clothing, and a variety of textile products.Quilting can make a project thick, or with dense quilting, can raise one area so that another stands out.

Patchwork quilting in America dates to the 1770s, the decade the United States gained its independence from England.

The whole process of creating a quilt or quilted garment also involves other steps such as designing, piecing, appliqué, and binding.

A person who works at quilting is termed a quilter.

The process of quilting uses a needle and thread to join two or more layers of material to make a quilt.

The quilter's hand or sewing machine passes the needle and thread through all layers and then brings the needle back up.

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